Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     June 8-Sunday
     Tremendous hot day.
     Our Regiment returned at about 4 P.M. and have had perfect success. found their dwelling, but not the band took their Niggers some men women and children 35 to 40 horses & mules and some of them very fine. a large lot of cattle, sheep Geese, ducks & c. burned their houses to the ground and returned evidently leaving their marks behind them. Whit came down in change of the baggage train consisting of some 5 teams of 4 mules each and 2 or 3 with one each, loaded with Niggers and their effects. Niggers singing and evidently having a good time. they also brought some 3 prisoners, Guerillas who I hope will be shot for this barbarous mode of warfare is against the laws of all nations and will never be recognized by anyone. A man with the descriptive powers of Dickens’ would made a happy picture of this little thing.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
      Sunday 8
     Washed Up this morn after 2 hours out
     Picked a few berries and turned round
     And back a piece and turned up another
     Road to a plantation where they had
     Taken a Lieut prisoners who belonged
     To a cavalry that had troubled our
     Folks some.  we took everything we could
     Find.  Horses Mules niggers & cattle
     We loaded the teams with sugar & other
     Truck.  took the woman children[?]
     The colonel give liberty to help
     Ourselves to anything but personal
     Property.  the way the boys went
     Into the poultry[?] was amusing
     Some was picking[?] & cooking.  ducks
     Geese chickens. others getting sugar
     & Molassess & making hasty pudding
     After we was already for a start
     We got orders to burn the whole
     Nest[?] house Burns Sugar House
     And all.  it made a fine fire.
     We got back to quarters about
     6 Ock all well but tired.  we took
     60 Mules 20 horses about 100 head
     Of cattle with waggons Carts & goods
     Of all sorts.  we paid that man
     Off in his own coin.  there was
     Another one above cleared out
     Saturday night.  it is a game
     They have played considerable in
     This section on their Union
     Neighbors.  now there turn has
     Come we will see how they like it
     Some would think this fine business
     For Sunday. but it had to be done.

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