Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     June 7-Saturday
     Weather very warm and pleasant.
     This is the most sorrowful day for me since I joined the Regiment, for to day there is some chance of a little brush with the enemy and I obliged to lay abed & see them go away and leave me behind.
     The 30th Regiment 8 Companies. 2 Comp Wisconsin 6th [perhaps the 4th?]  and 2 sections of [---] Battery start out under command of Col Dudley of 30th Mass Vols to capture a band of Guerrillas who have infested this region ever since our forces landed here. shoot-ing our picquets, and occas-sionally rushing by into town even to our gaurd house firing a volly and retiring. so we are ordered to take some little notice of them.
     Oh how I wanted to go with them and see the fun, but no this pleasure is denied me and I as well as the Adjutant Dimon have been left here to mourn. I hear also that Capt Shipley was not able to go and is left in charge at the Hall. Lt. Lovring is detailing in my place.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
      Saturday 7
     A fine morn.  we go on guard duty
     Today.  there is 5 of our men left at
     Orleans in the genl. Hosp.  had Marching
     Orders and fell into line about 1/2 past
     5.  1 Div of Nims battery & 6[?] of our Companys.
     We marched back into the country about
     8 miles to a rebel plantation & took
     Possesion of the whole place.  Niggers
     Mules horses cattle and regular[?] house[?]
     The owner was a leader of a party
     Of Guerillas who was investing[?] the
     Country alround.  We took possesion
     And made his overseer have all the
     Teams hitched up and loaded the darkeys
     And their stuff and started on the
     Back track.  we marched till about
     2 Oclock in the morn when we

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