Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
     March 9, 1862. Monday. Company K, our tenth company, joined us. This is a dreary place to bring troops; where the wind blows the sand drifts like snow. It is hard to make the tent pins secure in such ground. I was pleased to meet father here, he having preceded me and was in charge of some mechanics who have erected building for storage, etc. Our regimental store-house is occupied in part, at one end, by the sutler. The boys wanted some of his lager beer, so Sergeant Fay and I tied a small rope to a pail and one of us went over the partition and turned the faucet, repeating our raids until the barrel was empty. There being no friendship or mercy shown for sutlers* nothing was done about it.

From a Letter:  Dated March 10th
     March 9, 1862. The ship Idaho arrived, bringing a tenth company with their batteries. A member of Company C died and was buried under arms to-day. The Chaplain preached a short sermon, the text was: "He that is not with me, is against me." We all like the Chaplain very much.

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     March 9-Sunday
     A very pleasant day. inspection by Company commanders in Regimental line on Reg’t parade ground.
     Services in Afternoon by Dr. Clinton text those who are not with me are against me he illustrated by comparing our war with Sucess like this. those that are not Union or loyal must be Secesh there can be no ½ way in the matter. this is his argument on religion and it may be a true one.
     Capt Brown buried that morn of his to day. had the Connecticut Band, the Maine Regiment 12th also buried one. they had the 26th Band. Browns man was a Catholic and the Priest Officiated.
     Our new Officers seem to be shunned by all of our present Officers and well may they be. for no one of us knows but our own head is to be out off to make room for them. and not many of us seem to care much. they have doubtlessly heard some remarks not very pleasant to their ears.
     Lieut Frost has been down and paid us a short visit this eve had quite a nice little talk.
     Col Jones and one of his Companys I. I believe, went over to Mississippi City. and after proceeding up the Wharf some 350 feet discovered a body of Rebels awaiting them with a Battery, with which they poured in a volley of Grape and had they followed up their advantage. would no doubt have either killed or taken prisoners the whole lot. Jones men were not loaded nor had they bayonets fixed. one man only was wounded and he not severely.
     Steamers supposed to be the Mississippi has been laying off all day. the Idaho has at last arrived, but like all the rest of this unlucky division, she is aground near the other shore, under the protecting wing of one of our Gun Boats.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Sunday 9
     Fine again.  the ship Idaho was
     Run aground near bat[?] Island they
     Lay on an oyster bed.  there was a
     Member of Co. C burried the PM.
     And one of the 12th Maine Regt.
     But the men are getting
     Healthy again.

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