Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
     March 22, 1862. Captain N. A. M. Dudley, 10th Infantry, U. S. A., was commissioned Colonel by Governor Andrew February 8, 1862, arrived and took command March 22,1862, and the regiment was reorganized. Up to this date no officer had been commissioned; H. O. Whittemore is Major.

2nd Lieut. Elliot:
     March 22-Saturday
     Wind still blowing high and General Butler not come ashore yet.
     Col Dudley came on shore and assumed command of our Regiment to day under the title of Mass 30th Reg’t of Volunteers. I have no commission or appointment in that Regiment. merely acting in that capacity.
     Capt L. & Lieut L. say they are a going home at any rate. as for myself I know not what I shall do as yet no doubt I should be warmly welcomed by my wife and friends should I go, but still I do not like to go for the name of it. for nothing more. some think we can go honorably at this on that point I have yet to make my mind. if I come to that conclusion I shall return home if it is possibly. for I can never be counted under new Field and staff. and a change in the line Officers I did not want to see.
     Col French made us a speech in which he gave us many thanks for our uniform [---] of his orders. and thanked us all for the assistance we have rendered him since he had been connected with us and the Regiments. when we were neither of us recognized by Mass on every legal authority only by our own personal friends.
     Col Dudley made us an introductory speech in which I could [---] make my mind as to his ideas and character. I should much prefer Col French for a commander. and felt very bad when I know I must [---] him from our Reg’t.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Saturday 22
     We had a hard blow last night and
     It is cold enough for a fire in the
     Tent the Lewis has not got to the
     Wharfe yet.  i had a nia[?] salt M????
     For breakfast it went first rate
     They are building some large
     Buildings.  such as Store  Houses Barracks
     And other kinds.  a sail road to the
     Wharfe.  Our new Colonel come
     Ashore to day his Name is Dudley.

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