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March 10, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
From a Letter:
Portions from this letter moved  to the dates that they refer to (treated as thought they were a diary entry. 

     Ship Island, March 10, 1862.
     As there is a mail going to-morrow, I will write. My last was sent in the South Carolina, by way of Key West. I wrote you of the scouting party to Horn Island, which island used to be a breeding ranch, owned by Southerners. I received a letter dated March 6, by way of Fortress Monroe, dated February 12, directed to father.

...March 7
...March 9
     March 10, 1862. Troops are being landed; all is confusion on the wharf. I have pitched the tents for our tenth company. The ship Ocean Pearl arrived with horses, of which they lost ten on the passage. Captain Jones has been discharged for knocking down a contraband on the steamer; father knows him. Parker has received his papers as Postmaster. We have quite a large fleet here now, and I don't think we shall stop here long after the General arrives. I think it will be a pity if Colonel French has to go home, after he has worked so hard to drill the regiment. We had a brigade drill this afternoon, consisting of four regiments; it was a grand sight. We draw ten days' rations to-morrow for the regiment.
...March 11


2d Lieut. Elliot:
     March 10-Monday
     Morning salty and very warm Idaho still by aground although they have thrown a number of Barrels of provisions from on board into the sea. Salt Beef, Rice etc. this seems a pity when there are a many men on the Island
     This morning another War Vessell arrived here but not the one long looked for in which is Gen. Butler Barney McCabe came on shore to day and is now in our Company he was arrested in Sewall just before the Idaho sailed. Ansart has not arrived yet.
     The Maine & Vermont Batterys have both come ashore to day and camped on our parade ground. the Connecticut and Maine Regiments have Encamped on the South shore of the Island up above the 26th Reg’t. we must now have some 8,000 men on the Island. this makes quite a force. but I do not think enough to take New Orleans. though I think we may have an opportunity to see before long.
     Today we had our first experience in Brigade drills. 4 Regiments under command of Brig. Gen’l Phelps, it must have been a fine shore for a Spectator we had a very nice drill though a little severe for our first attempt.
     Today I finished my equestrian portrait of our honorable Gov of Massachusetts, his excellency John A Andrews. who has sent us out a lot of his young aspirant for military honors Bah= all in my eye. I don’t see it in that light. Cilligians and Greek Scholars are not the men for our expedition it wants different kind of Stock, especially when they acknowledge thy have no military experience whatever.
     This day seems winding up with a Thunder shower and rains quite fast.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Monday 10
     A fine day again i go on fatigue
     Duty to day with the guard.
     There is a great many arrivals[?]
     Of strangers here every day
     There is a large gang of men
     Here to work on the fort and
     Build other large buildings.
     There was 4 Mules landed Saturday
     For working here in carts.

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