Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     March 25-Tuesday
     Weather warm and pleasant as usual.
     Santiago sailed this morning our mail contained 1017 letters to day. Sent one home to night.
     Orderly Sergeant of Mounted Rifles died and was buried at 2 O Clock P.M.
     The New London brought in a prize taken some 2 or 3 days since. Loaded with fur-nature. and of a very nice kind. A fine Piano was among the lot. I hear it has been turned over to Major General Butler, for his use.
     The New London had quite a brush this P.M. she had 2 Heavy Gun Boats against her but did not get hurt in the least. and done no special damage to either of them. the report was that she had been captured. But at about 8 O Clock she very quietly came into the Harbor and dropped anchor. it at once removed a load from our hearts. for without her we would be in a precarious situation, for she is the only protection we have here.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Tuesday 25
     Fine again.  the steamer isle de
     Cuba sailed this morning with
     The mail.  we have hard drills now
     Days.  our men all well & hearty
     There was one of the MRR buried
     This PM.  there was heavy firing
     Across the river this afternoon
     It was the new london having a
     Brush with the Florida & Oregon
     She drove the 2 and crippled them

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