Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     March 2-Sunday
     Quite warm and pleasant this morn formed a line for inspection at 8 ½ A.M. wheeled into column and inspections by company commander also inspections of Quarter by our selves.
     The news of our victory in Kentucky is confirmed by a New Orleans paper of 4 days ago. which Col Jones got over to Biloxi yes-terday in which it recognizes the likes of 25 Regiments or about 12,000 men. and a large number of Roanoke Island also also that we have possesion of Columbus. in Kentucky and of Nashville Tennesee. if this is so the backbone of Secession is surely broken.
     A number of men from our Reg’t this morning went up to Connecticut ninth, Catholic meeting where they have a priest.
     A member of M. Rifle Rang (Rangers) died this morn and was buried this P.M. by that Company. and a portion of light Calvary Company.
     Services this afternoon by Rev. Dr. Cleveland. subject 3rd Command ment. Swear not at all. he gave us a very good sermon. did a short one as he had the above named funeral to attend to. Close by repeating the Lords prayer in which he request ed the Regiment to join.
     Ruell N. Geenleay and 71 others passed in a petition to day for the removal of Wm. B. Smith from the cooking department reasons they allege are these first that he is cross, second that he shows partiality and various other reasons that are utterly unfounded. we have commenced by putting the 3 first men on the list in as cooks for 3 days. and are a going to follow the list down in rotation I think it will bring them to their senses.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Sunday, March 2, 1862.
     Fine again we have had a regimen-
     tal inspection this morning.  it
     Is very hot here.  we have had good
     News from our army in kentucky
     And all round the new land??? event
     Over to boloxi and took the only
     Gun they had the inhabitants
     Appeared very civil to our men.

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