Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     March 16-Sunday
     Today by our rules or orders is my fatigue duty day. I reported with my gaurd of Friday. after Inspection go on board transport North America and unload provisions on to the Anna, and land them at the wharf. the work of 3 days is now used up by gaurd duty, and instead of the easiest duty done it is the hardest we unloaded about 200 Barrels in all to day. Flour, Potatoes, and Hard Bread. Caps of the ship asked me in to dinner with him & of course I did not refuse, had a very fine dinner got though for to day about 3 ½ P.M. just in time for drill parade. Bill up in the woods Horseback. and I was just in time to save his bacon.
     Our Mortar fleet is supposed to have gone to fort Jackson on the Miss issippi. I hope we will be successful. It is reported that 26th and 9th Con Reg’ts to here under order to be ready to more at a minute notice.
     If this is so probably our turn will come next. but I do want at least one letter from my wife before I leave here.
     Order issued by Col French that all men must attend divine services at least once every Sunday. and all those who are well and fit for duty and do not do so will be punished to day I [---] on duty have not been able to attend. I like Dr Cleveland much and like to hear him preach.. I have now been connected with this Company longer than I was at the Relay House but being in for much longer time I do not count the minutes at all as I did there. and am therefore astonished to look back and find how long it is ever since we left Lowell. Almost 2 long months and 6 weeks since I heard from home. I hope she has recieved my letters for she would be in a continual worry.
     Paid for my Blue pants to day 2.82

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Sunday 16
     Fine again the steamer Constitution
     Sailed this morning.  A rebel ??
     Schooner[?] run the blockade this morn
     The new london gave chase but
     Was to late.  took a walk up to the
     Rangers and see[?] ? H Hilton[?] he
     Was quite smart.  there was 2
     Of the Mich Regt buried this
     AM.  there is a number of sick
     Among them we had divine worship
     And then our company were all
     Turned out to do fatigue dut[y] such
     As unloading flour bricks and
     All sorts of stuff.  Good finishing
     Up of sunday.

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