Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     March 24-Monday
     Weather very fine. warm and pleasant.
     One of Gen. [Gov.] Andrews newly appointed Lieut has been assigned to Comp. F. Reltys [Kelty's] fire Zouares as 2nd Lieut Vici Claiborne mustered out or discharged.
     Lieut Penny another of the same stamp has been appointed 2nd Vici Parker. Post Master of the Department of the Gulf as our Dept. is known now the poor N.E 2nd is no more it has had its last struggle but died game and no doubt the officer of the Eastern Bay State will also.
     Lieut N.R. Reed of Comp. D has been appointed on fatigue duty permanently. got his appointment yesterday. A hard job and neither thanks or honor attach ed to it.
     Had out first Battalion drill to day under our new Colonel to day. He knows his business thoroughly I should judge. and I was lucky enough to appear in command as Lieut L. was sick. Lieut Lovrin has tendered his resignation. and is going home if it is accepted. no doubt it will be for applicants for us poor unfortunate Lieuts are as plenty as fish in the sea for our positions. it matters not wether they come by them honorably or no as long as they get them. that is all they want.
     Three Rebels came over here to day from New Orleans in a small boat. they report things as getting quite desperate there now. no provisions, no ammunition & no anything, and not much feeling for Sesession. but this is all humbug.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
      Monday 24
     Another fine day.  Com drill from
     7 to 8 Oclock.  the colonel drilled us
     Today the gun boat isle de cuba
     Arrived to day with a mail and
     Orders.  Bussiness i driving all over
     The island.  there was a number
     Of Commd. officers come with
     The Colonel.

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