Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
From a Letter:
     January 3,1862.
     Friday. Very cold last night. Went ashore to-day to see about the balance of the goods. Could not ascertain anything at the freight depot; accordingly went to Lowell and obtained information desired. Called at Mr. Brooke's office and bade the folks goodbye, then went home and took a farewell dinner, after which rode up to camp and saw Lieutenant Fiske on business matters. Took the 2.15 train for Boston, arriving on board at 6 p. m.

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     January 3-Friday
     Weather very cold and blowing very heavily at 3 P.M. the Ship drifted out into the stream and cast anchor. this I suppose is for the purpose of keeping the men on board.
     When she was here before the other two regiments were all around Boston and a number of them left back. This is to be avoided on this occasion if possible.
     Orderly returned from East Boston this morning. he has been sick. on account of a cold taken on our approach to Boston It is a wonder there was no more taken sick. and colds for we stood and shivered all the time and stood on line in Boston. We suffered tremendously. [Illustration]

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Friday 3
     This morning went on deck
     And found ourseleves [sic] dropped
     Down the harbour [sic] where we
     Lay till the 11th when we
     Went on board the saxon [?]
     Gun boat and went to fort
     Indepedence a fine place we
     First got settled when we had
     Orders to go back to the constitu-
     tion again got back at dark.

*January 3, 1863, B.B. Smith Diary, LaRC

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