Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     January 27-Monday
     Warm and pleasant day
     Capt Shipley and myself went down to Fortress Monroe and got Charly. and went up to Newport News. Saw Dr. Bradley and his wife on board the boat. he tells me he is at the present time boarding on the boat and that he is done at Newport News. and is going to Fortress Monroe. he is looking better than I have seem him since I have known him.
     I was much disappointed in the appearance of Newport News. it is now all log huts. the Reg’t there having gone into winter Quarters. Gen. Mansfield has the command there now. and Col Pierce the hero of the Bethel fight is in command of a Regiment. the place mounts a heavy Battery of 4 Guns which commands the River and they say there. they are capable of throwing a ball 6 miles. on the land side they have an embankment thrown up, and a moat some 10 feet deep all around it this is defended by Brass field pieces of from 10 to 24 [---] it looks as though the place could hold out against great odds.
     We returned to Fortress Monroe and took tea with Charly then started for our own Quarters. met Capt Brown of our regiment and Capt. Blake of N.Y. 99th went back to the Fort and called on Lt-Col Marshal of N.Y. tenth. and Capt. Cartwright. of Union Court Gaurd. had a fine time. returned to Camp about 11 O’Clock at night.

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