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January 2, 1862

Today we have selections from three men in the 30th:
Quartermaster Sergeant Henry Warren Howe,
2d Lieutenant Richard A. Elliot (Co. C),
& Corporal Bartholomew B. Smith (Co. A).

Qr. Master Sergt. H. W. Howe:
The selections for Sergeant Howe are taken from a diary entry for January 2nd, and excerpts of a letter written home around the same time which also has entries for other days as well.  Only the entries for the 2nd will be quoted here.

     January 2, 1862.
     Broke camp. Took cars for Boston. We have nine companies, 928 men and twenty-five officers, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. French. We were reviewed by General Butler and presented with some colors on Boston Common, then went aboard the steamer Constitution. Sailed on the 13th, a very cold day. 'Arrived at Fortress Monroe the 16th.

     On Board Ship Constitution,                                                                  Boston Harbor, Jan. 2, 1862.
     On January 2d we broke camp in Lowell at 7 o'clock in the morning. Every one had some friend to part with and it seemed as if we were bound on some pleasure excursion rather than to meet our brothers of the South as enemies, but "such is life." I went to Boston at 9.30 o'clock, in advance of the troops, to see to the delivery of the luggage on board. The troops arrived about noon and marched to the Common, where they were reviewed by General Butler and his Staff, and the General presented us with a national flag, after which they marched to the wharf and at 10 o'clock were all aboard. It has been very cold all day and the boys suffered much. I have all the Quarter-master's stores aboard. The men were stowed very closely, too much so for comfort. The officers occupy the saloon. I am in the state-room with the Quarter-master and the Commissary Sergeant, also the Quarter-master's clerk.

2d Lieut. Richard A. Elliot:
     January 2-Thursday
     Struck our encampment this morning at Camp Chase at 3 O Clock and waited until 1 “ before we got away. it is a very cold morning and when we arrived in Boston our men nearly froze.
     We started on Boston Common nearly 2 hours had our U.S. Flagg presented us by an appropriate speech by Major General B.F. Butler and Col. French responded. great applause by outsiders.
     We then took up our line of march for long wharf. where after waiting for 2 or 3 hours we are at last on board. with only one accident that was a private of Comp E. fell over-board and was drowned. Capt. Brown and his first Lieut. John Kinnear of Cambridge are our companions for the voyage. 

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Thursday 2
     We all turned out early ready
     For a march to the cars.  we got
     To boston about 12 ock wher [sic] the
     Colonel had a horse presented to him
     Then marched to the common and
     Had a flag presented to our regt
     Then to the Wharf and embarked
     On board the Constitution one
     Of the largest steamers afloat.

*January 2, 1862, B.B. Smith Diary, LaRC

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