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January 1, 1862

State Color (1st) of the 30th Massachusetts
Image Courtesy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
This will begin the first of our postings from diaries and letters, which will continue for the most part for the next several years to coincide with the service of the 30th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment throughout the war and into the beginning of the reconstruction period.  Today we have two sources that we will draw  from.  Given the different writers and methods of transcription, the formats of these entries may not match each other completely.

Image Courtesy of
Louisiana Research Collection
Tulane University
Our first entry comes from the diary of Corporal Bartholomew B. Smith of Co. A.
Wednesday, January 1, 1862
A Clear cold day with a very high
Wind.  We have got orders to be up
Tomorrow morn at (8?), Ock all ready
For a march to leave camp for
Boston if the weather is fair.
*January 1, 1862, B.B. Smith diary, Louisiana Research Collection, Tulane University.

The second entry for the day comes from the diary of 2d Lieut. Richard A. Elliot of Co. C.

January 1-Wednesday
Was a very cold and dreary day. I went down town & saw Jane this morning, and this evening went down and stayed until 9 o.c. when Dr. Woods carried me back. he went into Merr-mack house and got a bottle of Gin and sent by me to use with Geo Davis & [---] Farr. 

It rains and blows to night the worst kind but I suppose we will now get into a warmer climate in a short time at all events we will get started. 

From the Diary of  2d Lieut. Elliot.
Capt. L.S.L. to night was down and joined a masonic band I wish I had have known it sooner and I would have done the same thing. [Illustration]

*Note that this illustration is from a different day in Lieut. Elliot's diary.  He included perhaps a dozen or more illustrations, but I only have access to 2 at the moment.  In the future I may be able to secure copies of the others as well. 

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