Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt, Howe:
From a Letter:
     January 12, 1862. Sunday.
     Have been shipping our goods to Fort Independence. Three companies are aboard. At night an order came countermanding. What queer works! I shall be able to tell any box of ours as far as I can see it, we have tumbled them over so many times. It does not seem like Sunday; I should have forgotten it but for a notice given that there was to be preaching at 3.30 o'clock. I think we shall go to Fortress Monroe or Ship Island. By the way, I am twenty-one years old to-day. Oh, dear, I wish it was sixteen! I shall be an old man when the war is over, if I live. We expect to sail early to-morrow morning. Captain Paul R. George took dinner with us to-day. This will be my last until I arrive at my destination. I am as comfortable as I should be at home in the parlor. The fog is all that prevents us from sailing at this moment. Good bye.

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     January 12-Sunday
     Still pleasant but quite cold returned on board the Constitution this morn about 10 O Clock. have had at least one nights rest. took my breakfast at Marstons in Cornhill.
     I have had no opportunity to see William or Walter Hart. since I have been here.
     Had services on board ship this afternoon by the main Chaplain. [Illustration]

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