Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     January 28-Tuesday
     Wrote home again to day to Jane
     Weather fine, warm and quite pleasant.
     This morning had fine squad drills of our company under Sergeants and we overlooked it ourselves. drill on the beach where it is hard and good footing. the men grumble some but they will growl and in earnest to. I am afraid before they get through their job for there is no childs play about it. and they will find thus the work must be done & without gruwling. and more than that they will find that rations will be short sometimes and not very good at times. [Illustration]

The following was written under the heading of January 23rd, though in error and should have been placed with the above entry on January 28th.

     January 23-Thursday
     Weather very pleasant to day.
     This morning we had a fine drill by squads this afternoon. repeated the dose by Company on the beach.
     Wrote a letter to Jane this morn and should like very much to get one from her. for I would like to hear from her everyday. but I must fain satisfied myself with what I recieve, though since I have arrived here I have got a very liberal quantity but one is never satisfied. especially when away from all his friends, and it makes one feel well to read a letter although it may even be and old one.
     The above is a mistake. I mistook the date on my wall Memorandam Book. I took 28 for 23rd . Weather has cleared up. Lieut. Wiegel was here to day. had the first drill since we landed. Capt. Shipley is Officer of the day. I wrote to Jane this morning. [Illustration – Ship Island Mar. 1st ‘61]

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