Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     May 7-Wednesday
     Very warm and pleasant a little to warm for our work. we have a 5 mile march to go up to Thibadoux a small French town of some 2000 inhabitants. took one piece of artillery from depot with us dragged by men as we have no horses. got out a short distance and met a team of 4 mules and a wagon driven by a Negro which we pressed into service and made him pull up Rifle & powder for us. had a tiresome march and found that what we were after had been removed for safe keeping— we had to break into an Odd Fellows lodge room as no one would give us the keys. had a great crowd but they offered no insult to us at all. went back got on board and started on our way back to New Orleans. I brought no rations with me therefore had no breakfast except a hard bread which Orderly spared me from his store.
     Stopped on the way down and killed 3 cattle for our Hospital in New Orleans. The owner was in the field but would no take a note from the U.S, for pay. He was very much excited but could not help himself as we were too many guns for him and his two Negroes.
     Got home at about 7 O Clock and went to Quarters pretty tired but better than when I left here yesterday. The tramp I think has done me some good.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
      Wednesday, May 7, 1862.
     A fine morning.  everything
     Quiet.  some of the Boys got out
     And got Our[?] musick[?] ?? ??? for their
     Bericks[?] ???? have to take ???? of
     Guard?????.  there is no ??????
     Stiring ??? but[?] secesh[?] and ???/
     ?? ??? ??? have got a bakery
     On?? ????? have ????? ??? ?? ????
     For ??????? to night.

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