Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     May 27-Tuesday
     Another warm day, unfavorable for business.
     Not much doing to day. Capt. Clark and Lieut Johnson arrived and brought me 4 or 5 letters. also one for John which I must send to the Hospital. Capt Shipey also got a few letters and papers. they report that Emerson and Prince have recieved commissions and started some time before they did from home, with commissions for our Officers, who have been fortunate enough to receive them, and I hear Capt Whit and myself are among the number. I would like to see the document for I am heartily sick of hearing about them.
     My wife writes she has moved into her new store and is doing well. this is good news, all are well, how I would like to see my home, wife, and many other things and persons there, but no I must not think of it, my work lays in another direction. and upward an onward must be my motto. go ahead when this Rebellion is suppressed then Will I go home and settle down once more in civil life. and live like a man again.
     Capt Shipley and Lieut of Vermont 8th Whitcomb & myself went out to the Lake to night. Capt had not been out and wanted us to go with him to show him round. we went into the Pistol Gallery and had a few shots. I came out victor and Capt had to pay the bill. we met Capt Crowley, Lt. Gardiner, Lt. Norcross and nearly all of Gen Butlers staff out there, had a very good time.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
      Tuesday 27
     Fine morn.  the boat steam up.  at 1 Ock
     We started with a guide about 5 1/2 miles
     Across lots[?] after another boat but the
     Men had moved her father up the
     River.  we took a mail rider & a rebel
     Spy.  he informed the rebels we were
     After the boats.  we took a flat boat
     And some canoes & came down the river
     To the steamer up[?] & sound.  the mail
     Had some important letters in it

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