Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 1862

2d Lieut Elliot:
     May 1-Thursday
     Rhode Island our mail boat passed up river this morning also gunboat Miami. this is the one we put back to Fortress Monroe with on our trip out to Ship Island. One of our Gunboats aground on the flats. Rhode Island at work towing her off.
     Arrived opposite New Orleans at 4 P.M. do not land until to morrow. out Gunboat having left us and gone down river if he had kept us along we would have been the first to land. One of our Gunboats and our Frigate came in collision Frigate came of best. Gunboat carried away foremast and smokestack. But I think no very serious damage done either. one man drowned by his boat capsized.
     The 31st Mass. Regiment disembarked to night. 12th Conn Reg’t also landed Col Demming. these are the two first on shore. a few pistols fired through the night but everything seemed to pass of quietly. no alarm.
     Brent Johnson and I on guard again to day we have good luck in coming together. no mail from Rhode Island. she left it at Ship Island for destribution.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Thursday, May 1, 1862
     A Fine morning.  hoisted anchor
     And was turned up the river by
     Gun boat Jackson it was very
     Beautiful along the banks of
     The river  there is a great many
     Plantations some very large and
     Handsome watched[?] large gangs of
     Slaves at work.  we anchored off wast[?]
     The city about 4 Oclock.

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