Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
From a Letter:
     New Orleans, May 29, 1862.
     I have received the letters sent by Lieutenant Johnston and Captain Clark. I saw, after Colonel Dudley arrived, that Governor Andrew would commission the officers of this regiment. I never wanted the Quartermaster's position, for it is one that no man living ever filled to the satisfaction of a regiment, and again, it is a staff appointment. I want a Second Lieutenancy. I don't care to what regiment I may be appointed, if I am only commissioned. A private who was in the 19th Regiment, on the Potomac, was commissioned in ours, and has joined it; all the result of influence. You seem to be afraid to have me enter as a line officer, lest I may be killed or suffer hardships. Folks at home are ignorant of war. You must understand that there is a vast difference between an enlisted man and a commissioned officer. If the one chooses to resign he can do so, the other is held. I acted as Lieutenant from the time the regiment began to recruit until it was organized, which would aid me a good deal in procuring a position as Lieutenant. I spoke to Captain Haggerty the other day, but he said all was helter-skelter now, by and by it would be different.
     I have just read the papers of May 16, which did me good. The time will not be long distant ere peace will be declared. Texas cattle have been cut off from the enemy at Corinth, by our gunboats on the river. Deserters state they are suffering for food. Everything is quiet in the city. I met an old schoolmate to-day; he belongs to Nim's Battery. The ship North America sails to-day. Lieutenant Farson will go home, as he is not commissioned, but he deserves to be. I sent thirty-five dollars home on the "Undaunted," by Adams' Express. Have you received it?


2d Lieut. Elliot:
     May 29-Thursday
     Very warm to day and more oppression than at all prior.
     my work to day has been very severe, recieved an order the arrest Thos. Murray & Richard Estabrook. find nothing by which I can spot my men do not know their business or residence find Estabrook name in directory of Estabrook and also find he left town a week ago, over the Lake, find 6 Thos. Murrays and know not which one I want know no other way than to arrest the whole pack must do it unless I can by some means get some description to go by.
     have inquired by our detective but none of them know him or which one is meant but but have a little clue to track tomorrow it is said he is President of the notorious Humbug, called free market if so I will have him tomorrow. this has kept me busy to day all the time business as usual at Office all we can attend to.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Thursday 29
     Fine day.  Inspection this AM.
     No other duty for our crowd but
     Drill at 5 Oc. this PM.
     Our Co has to do patrole duty
     To night.  i shall come in for
     My share of that from 11 till
     5 Oclock.  our [Regt.] has organized a fine
     Band and joined it to the regt.  it is
     Quite an improvment on the drum corps.

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