Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
     February 6 to 12, 1862. Had good weather and a fine sail. On the 12th, we dropped anchor near Ship Island and landed at once. I was very busy getting tents and stores ashore. Our camp is near Camp Thompson.

From a Letter:
     On Board Constitution, February 6, 1862.
     Set sail again at 3 p. m. The pilot left ua at Cape Henry. While we were at supper, a jar of the vessel startled us. It proved to be a collision with a schooner. Our Captain saw her coming and stopped, turning from his own course; she struck our quarter and no damage was done.

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     February 6-Thursday
     Commenced raining last night and continues this morning. quite stormy.
     We had a visit from Adjutant Gen. Schouler this forenoon he says the State Aid laws has passed by a unanimous vote both the Senate & Legislation over Gov. Andrews vetos. this will make a much different feeling among our men.
     A mail steamer came into Port who has the appearance of being fired into.
     4 O Clock P.M. once more started on our voyage and if nothing new turns up we don’t work or pick up any stray vessels on our way and have to put back. we shall probably get some where sometime or other or somewhere else.
     6 O Clock P.M. struck a schooner lowered a boat and went where she was and she wasn’t there having gone on his way rejoicing probably that she got off so easily.
     Find my health is on the improve having eaten supper to night. the first meal for 3 or 4 times.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Thursday, February 6, 1862
     We sailed again at 4 Ock this PM
     And are going along first
     Rate. the men all in first
     Rate condition and happy as
     Can be expected.

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