Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     February 25-Tuesday
     Lieut and his gang have gone back into the woods and are to finish up their work to day and I hope we shall have a cook house that will pay for the work.
     The undaunted a transport from Boston arrived here this noon with horses and com-missary stores, she has no mail on board I hear. I have finished my letter and am going to send it by way of New York tomorrow. I hope I shall get something from home soon for I am getting impatient to hear from there.
     Our payrolls are as yet unfinished and I believe we are to have it decided to night how they shall be. Major Watson does not want to pay from enrollment but it is our due and we must have it from some source.
     Our school still defered another night.
     Today for the first time have had command of our Company in Battalion drill, and had fine drill and enjoyed it very much. our drill circuited off from line into column and all the movements embraced between, such as breaking form right and left, to front and rear, right about, and into line wheel.
     Eastman to day seem a little more comfortable. to day some hope of his recovery. Capt still remains about the same. My Rheumatism is better.
     Weather has been fine all day warm but now at evening there is a very dense fog and it is quite cool in fact very chilly.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Tuesday 25
     A fine morn.  have got a lame
     Hand and cannot drill 1 of our
     Men shot a beef today in the
     Woods at the head of the island and
     We had soup for dinner went over
     And saw uncle Ben and got some
     Doughnuts a ship & brigg got in to
     Day with provisions for the army
     A poor Devil shot his finger off this
     AM. got our pants & canteens today.

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