Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 1862

Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
From a Letter:
     February 13,1862. Thursday. There are a number of prize vessels around the island; some are valuable, others worthless. All the horses which were sent out, have been lost; I say all, for very few were saved.

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     February 13-Thursday
     Wrote home to Wife this morning to send by Kimball who is to return in the Constitution. some 16 to 18 mechanics are going home.
     Found the heat rather severe for the head went down and got a [strun - ?] at the expense of 25 cents find it an improvement.
     Lieut Lovrien is on gaurd duty to day. we are building ovens and having a general fix up to day and trying to have an en-campment in some decent shape but do not know how we shall succeed.
     Capt Browns men struck a rich streak to day, digging for bricks they brought to light a lot of china, plates, saucer and other kitchen utensils. Quite a relic of Southern Chivalry.
     2 Rebel Steamers in sight to day cruising around to find out what we are doing I suppose. Our Gunboats went in pursuit but their search was useless.
     Got our orders from Brig. Gen. Phelps. programs of drills and duties. Our camp is named Camp Thompson in honor of Col N.A. Thompson of Boston.
     Col Farr, Geo Davis, Capts. Warren, Dickersman & Lieut Lamson, Chaplain Babbidge, had quite a tea party.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Thursday 13
     A fine morn the men all in fine
     Spirits turned out to roll call at
     Sunrise had breakfast and then i
     Took a walk over to the fort there
     Is about 200 belongs to the Battery
     I see a Blacksmith here that i
     Used to know in[?] ??? years[?].  we have had
     No duty today but fix up our
     Camp. Dug a well by going 8 ft.
     This is a find place for water
     Each company having a well
     Of their own.  There is a Bake
     House here belonging to government[?]
     We have Soft Bread every other
     Day.  Had a dress Parade this
     PM.  the men looked very
     Well considering our voyage

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