Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 1862

2nd Lieut. Elliot:

     February 4-Tuesday
     I am on gaurd this morn with a detail of 3 Lieutenants 3 Corporal and 42 Privates all from our Company. The weather is quite pleasant though cool and bracing.
     We sail this morning at nine O Clock for I suppose Ship Island. I would think quite likely we might have a rough time, but still it may be a pleasant passage. 12 O.C. M. a great many of our men growing sick and I find it difficult getting men enough to stand the relief 4:45 P.M. overhauled a gunboat with signall of distress flying the first time I ever saw our flag out to sea upon our vessells hanging Union down. and I hope it may be the last for it is indeed a hard sight. this boat seems to have cast everything overboard that is any weight for she turns about very wildly and is quite light. We finally get a harness to her and take her in tow. put our bows once more in the direction of Fortress Monroe and tow this Gunboat into a safe harbor. had we have not come along just as we did I think these poor fellows would have found a watery grave.
     A.A Gilson discharged this morning before sailing on account of disability. he seems to be crazy.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Tuesday 4
     Sailed about 10 oCk for Ship island
     Went along pleasantly till 4[?] oCk
     When we made a sail dead ahead
     Showed our colors which she answer[d]
     By showing her colors union down
     Our captain run down to her
     Her captain said he was in
     Distress we took her in tow
     And took her back to Hampton

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