Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28, 1862

Sketch from the 1862 Diary of Richard Elliot
the image and diary can be found online at:
2d Lieut. Elliot:
     February 28-Friday
     A very warm I may add a hot day. the sun beat down upon us very hard. And we have had the hardest days work since we came here. some of our men are obliged to leave the ranks from the heat and fatigue.
     Our line was formed at 8 ½ A.M. for review and inspection the 26th Mass, 9th Connecticut, Maine 12th and last but not least 2nd or Eastern Bay State Regiment 1 Quadroon of Mounted Rifles on foot and Essex Battery of Mass. we marched in review at Quick time. and from thence to our Company parade ground were dismissed for about 10 minutes and then called into line line for muster and inspection Gen. Phelps called the names from the muster roll and then went through with the inspection our men were all properly accounted for and all but 2 present in line or Hospital. Captain was in his own Quarters and could not come out his health does not seem to improve any as yet.
     I today have written to Jane and have also sent a letter I wrote some 2 or 3 days since.
     Lieut and some of our men are building our cook house this afternoon.
     We to day hear that the N.H. 8 Regiments are on there way here and that George Ayer is in the Regiment as a 2nd Lieut. another old Phalanx.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Friday 28
     Fine day.  got up at 4 Ock and went
     To cleaning guns Brasses equipments
     And brushing up to lookin well
     As possible for general inspection
     By Genl. & Phelps.  took breakfast
     And fell into line it was very
     Hot and we had a hard march of
     Over 5 miles in the heat & sand
     The old Gen inspected all 4 of the
     Regts.  he appears like very nice
     ???.  the lighthouse was lightt
     Up to night for the first time
     Since their land was taken possession
     Of by us.  there was a member of
     Co. C buried yesterday it was a very
     Impressive sight.  there is a number
     Sick yet in the hospital the nicagura
     sails for Key west & N York tomorrow

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