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April 28, 1862

Engraving of Forts Jackson & St. Phillip on the lower Mississippi below New Orleans, 1862.
Engraving published in "Harper's Weekly", 1862.
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Qr. Master Sergt. Howe:
     April 28, 1862. Went on up the river, opposite the forts. A detachment was sent to one of the forts. I went ashore to Fort Jackeon. It was well shattered.

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     April 28-Monday
     Weather fair –
     Reported landing of Butlers forces 6 miles above Fort Jackson. or rather Philips on the other ride of river New Orleans side.
     Gun Ferry boat came down & Reports surrender of both Forts and wants 5 companies of our Regiment to go up and hold them. Gen. Phelps says too us up and take the whole Regiment of Companies go on board the Gunboat of which number 6 is one of the lucky ones and she tours the North America also. this is at 10 A.M. we run up in sight of the Forts and the Gunboat leaves the transport and proceeds up to the Forts. two river boats loaded with prisoners who have attempted to escape are up against the Bank of the river. having been brought to by a Gun from the Harriet Lane. landed our prisoners at Phillips under charge of a gaurd. the Flagg was run up at 3:20 P.M. amid the Cheers of Navy and army.
     Company was the first in each Fort having landed left Lieut Whitcomb in charge of the prisoners and Major Whittemore Comps H & G in Fort Phillips. we go on board Gun boat and proceed across river to Jackson and take possession there. it was so filthy we could not go inside but lay out over the moat on the bare ground what little time we slept. their are some 700 prisoners in all. the big Ram was blown up by the Naval officers. after the articles of surrender were all signed we have them in close confinement. The Fort had plenty of ammunition and stores to last them 6 months but their men were tired of war and mutinied. the Fort was blown all to pieces inside. The Bastion completely demolished 2 or 3 casemates broken completely through.\

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Monday, April 28, 1862
     Fine again.  the men are all rejocing
     At the news of the surrender of the forts.
     After a seige of 9 days.  rather tough that.
     We have a steam gun boat alongside
     To tow us up the river.  good.  part of
     The regt & the 4th Battery went on
     Shore in to the forts and hoisted our
     Flag, about 3 Oc, the PM.  the rebels
     Tried to blow up the forts but did not
     Make out.


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