Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     April 20-Sunday
     A stormy day. slow drizzly rain all day very uncomfortable day no pleasure at all we can not enjoy the Deck at all.
     Although stormy it has proved one of the most eventful days since we came to anchor.
     A Gun Boat came down with 7 men belonging to gun boat Oneida who were wounded by the bursting of a gun. and were carried to Pilot town on So. West Pass where they have established a naval Hospital a temporary one for present uses. Called for all Surgical instruments and items we have on board for use of navy
     To night we had quite an exciting time on board. Gen. Butler, and Lt. Kinsman of his staff were coming up from Pilot town in a gig of the Mississippi undertook to come on board of our ship when there being no rope for them to catch and hold to keep their boat fast the tide took her down stream and on top of our boat which lay astern she ran athwart her amid-ships and nearly filled with water. and they were both fast and no getting away. the boats filled rapidly and in a few minutes more it would have been Gen. Butler last and our Expedition would have a new commander. We succeded in lowering a boat and rescuing him from his perilous situation. Capt Collins seemed to have lost his senses and were it not for his mate we would have done nothing at all. The mate is a smart fellow and to him Gen Butler and Kinsman owe their lives.
     Capt Collins was excited so that he struck Lieut. Dean in the breast very severely. and is condemned by all the Officers on board for his harsh and very violent temper which he exhibited so strongly in this case. he has treated us like so many dogs ever since we have been on his ship.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
     Sunday 20
     Easter Sunday and very pleasant there is
     No news of importance from above.
     The steamer Jackson & Matanzas have
     Gone down to the G Republic to try
     To get her over the bar.  there is some
     Hard fighting at the forts.  the troops
     Are anxious to get landed somewhere
     There has been a number of vessels going
     Up and down the river.  it is cold enough
     For a great Coat.  this is not much
     Like Sunday.  we had devine service
     On the quarter deck this PM.  the
     Steamer Matanzas has got back
     From down the river.  no news.

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