Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     April 17-Thursday
     Laying to nearly all day at Pass a Santos pass waiting for other transports to come up to us. After dinner the Matanzas and Farley arrived and we get under weigh for So west pass up which we are to go.
     We can hear the reports of our Fleets guns very plainly from where we are now situated and we are fast coming nearer to our work all our men are impatient to get a chance to build for this Regiment a name and if we land in the rear and march on the Fort no doubt we shall earn it and dearly to.
     Services and prayers to night on Quarter Deck by Dr. Cleavland Singing by our Officers among whom we have some very good singers. Dr. Cleaveland is a fine man. and speaks right to the point, so that all men can understand what he says and its meaning.
     Oh if I could only hear from my wife at home to night I should feel a great relief. but I shall see a great change when I reach there no doubt it must be so her Father gone. a man I loved as well as if he as mine own Father. My Mother and her dear little family I have not heard from very lately either and they are doubtless worrying about me. but Jane will write them and give them all the consolation in her power for she has a kind heart God bless her and the day that made her mine for life.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
      Thursday 17
     Fine again we all turned
     Up again on [?] deck with all
     Our equipments on a fine
     Open action on a crowed ship
     About 12 Oc.  we were set
     A drift by the steamer with
     Orders to sail to the Bar and
     Wait for orders.  at 2 Oc. got
     Orders to sail for the S W Pass
     Had the wind on our quarter
     And made slow progress.
     A great number sea sick

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