Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19, 1862

2d Lieut. Elliot:
     April 19-Saturday
     A very pleasant but warm day as usual.
     This is the anniversary of our riot in Baltimore it would be well celebrated could we only march into New Orleans but we must wait for a few days longer before that pleasure is allowed for us. no doubt but it will be soon and it remains to be seen, wether that murderous scene awaits us there.
     Gunboat Winona came down the river but brings no news from our fleet. she has one hole though her cutwater made by one of the enemy shots. it shows that all their lead is not thrown away.
     Great Republic can not get over the bar and she in company with Saxon and Matanzus go around the point and land their troops in the rear Fort St. Phillip and be ready for an attack in rear if needed. 26th and Western Reg’t are on board with 31 Mass. Farley and us stay here to go up river.
     Our boys who have a fancy that way enjoy themselves by pulling against the tide of the Mississippi in Captains Gig. Capt Ferris, Wells, Lieuts Howe and some others & they make quite a boat club.

Corpl. B. B. Smith:
      Saturday, April 19, 1862.
     Fine again.  it is a year today
     Since our troops left the North
     For the seat of war, washington
     It is hot and pleasant here the
     Birds are singing marrily,
     Among them is the mocking & Canary
     Birds.  got under weigh again and sailed
     Up to steamer missisippi and dropt
     Anchor astern of her the jackson come
     Down the river and took Butler &
     Staff on board & went up the river.
     The saxon went down this PM.
     There is all sorts of stories concerning
     The fight at the fort.  we can hear the
     Guns from the fleet.

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