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Roster: Field + Staff (Duration)

A battalion on parade.
The following is a list of all soldiers listed as serving on the Field Officer & Staff level of the 30th Massachusetts (1861-1865).  These names have all been taken a list I have compiled using names from the books Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Civil War and Record of the Massachusetts volunteers 1861-1865, both of which are available to view at

Field & Staff
Bullock, William W.     Lieut. Colonel.
Clark, William F.     Major.
Cleveland, John P.     Chaplain.
Davis, Samuel A.     Asst. Surgeon.--SurgeonHolt, Alfred H.     Asst. Surgeon.
Dimon, Charles A. R.     1st Lieut. & Adjutant.
Dudley, Nathan A. M.     Colonel.--Brevet Brig. Genl. U.S. Vols.
Estabrook, James E.     1st Lieut. & Quatermaster.
Fiske, Edward A.     Major.
French, Jonas H.     Lieut. Colonel.
Greene, Francis C.   Asst. Surgeon.--Surgeon
Jackson, Cornelius S.     Asst. Surgeon.--Surgeon
Johnson, Brent     Major.
Moore, Charles W.     Surgeon.
Paine, Charles J.     Major.
Shipley, Samuel D.     Major.
Tremaine, Alfred F.     Brevet Major.--Promoted from Co.K.
Towle, Samuel K.     Surgeon.
Waldock, James     Asst. Surgeon.
Whittemore, Frank B.     Chaplain.
Whittemore, Horace     Major.--Lieut. Colonel.
Whittier, Francis H.     Major.

Non-Commissioned Staff
Burnham, Joseph H.     Sergt. Major.--1st Lieut.--Co. ?
Campbell, Charles A.     Sergt. Major.
Davis, Joseph     Hosp. Steward.--2d Lieut.--1st Lieut. & Adjutant.
Douglass, C. H.     Hosp. Steward.--2d Lieut.--Co. ?
Fay, Alfred F.     Com. Sergt.--2d Lieut.--Co. E.
Hatch, Frank T.  Com. Sergt.
Howe, Warren H.     Q.M. Sergt.--2d Lieut.--1st Lieut.--2d Lieut.--Co. G.
Kidder, J. Frederick     Com. Sergt.--2d Lieut.--Co. ?
Loring, Seldon H.     Sergt. Major.--2d Lieut.--Co. H.
McCollam (McCollom), John H.     Hosp. Steward.
Murphy, Michael     Drum Major.--Co. I.
Page, Clinton E.     Sergt. Major.
Quinlan, Murty     Com. Sergt.
Richardson, Chas. B.     Q.M. Sergt.
Ripley, Royal S.     Prin. Mus'n.
Shattuck, Calvin M.     Q.M. Sergt.--
Skinner, Theodore R.     Sergt. Major.--2d Lieut.--Co. ?
Southack, Robert G.     Sergt. Major.--Promoted from Co. K.
Spear, George G.     Sergt. Major.--2d Lieut.--Co. ?
Sperry, Charles A.     Com. Sergt.--Q.M. Sergt.--1st Lieut.--Co. ?
Sperry, H. Austin     Com. Sergt.--1st Lieut.--Co. ?
Vaile, Edward E.     Q.M. Sergt.--1st Lieut.--Co. ?
Wentworth, Geo. E.     Com. Sergt.
Wentworth, N. R.     Prin. Mus'n.

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