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Field & Staff + Company Officers: 1861

In the coming months there will be a great deal of information for me to add if not on a daily basis, at least several times a week.  Posts reflecting the time frame of 1862 will be quite plentiful, mainly due to the fact that I have two very good diary accounts to draw from (one from Henry Warren Howe as I have presented already.  I will add more information about the second diary a few days before its entries begin).

Due to the lack of information (or massive amounts like other regiments have published) that deals with the 30th Massachusetts, there may not always be a great topic that I can post from a diary or source on a daily basis.  On days when this happen (like today), I will try to do my best to post some information that can be useful in either researching the war/ancestors, or even just some basic information that might not be well known to someone who is just beginning to learn about the Civil War.  For example, maybe one day I will list how to write to the National Archives to retrieve a pension application, and on another day I might explain the principles of how a rifled musket functions.  In these cases I will try not to give the most nit picky explanation of an issue (so as to keep it friendly for a reader new to the subject), but I will also try to make the explanation more useful, detailed, and CORRECT than what you might find from a source such as the History Channel or a similar outlet.  There are also some days where I might offer commentary on an issue that the 30th dealt with, or background information that will help with a specific subject.  A good example of this will come within the next couple of months and will deal with a major problem that beset the regiment while it was being transported to the Gulf Coast.

Today does qualify as a "slow news day" for the regiment, but I do have some useful information that I can post for the day.  The information for today will be a list of the Field Officers, Company Officers, and Staff positions within the regiment as it was being formed in the fall of 1861.  Updated listed of Officers etc... will come down the road as reorganizations take place within the regiment.  (Look for the first major reorganization in March of 1862 and its corresponding date in this blog).

* Taken from "Passages from the life of Henry Warren Howe."

This regiment was one of three recruited in the State of Massachusetts by General Butler, under authority of the Secretary of War, Simon Cameron, in an expedition intended to operate against New Orleans, La., and the Mississippi River, with its rendezvous at Ship Island, Miss. It was originally called the 2nd Eastern Bay State Regiment, and was recruited and organized under the immediate auspices of Lieutenant-Colonel Jonas H. French, with Charles J. Paine, Major; C. A. R. Dimon, First Lieutenant and Adjutant; James E. Estabrook, Quartermaster; Charles W. Moore, Surgeon; Alfred A. Holt, Assistant Surgeon; John P. Cleaveland, Chaplain, and J. M. Q. Parker, First Lieutenant and Commissary.

     The Non-Commissioned Staff were as follows: — 
          Seldon H. Loring, Sergeant Major. 
          Joseph Davis, Hospital Steward. 
          Alfred F. Fay, Commissary Sergeant. 
          H. Warren Howe, Acting Quartermaster-Sergeant. 
          Royal S. Ripley, Principal Musician.

     The Line Officers were, viz.: —

     Company A.
          Henry 0. Wells, Captain.
          William Q. Howe, First Lieutenant.
          George F. Whitcomb, Second Lieutenant.

     Company B.
          C. F. Blanchard, Captain. 
          James Farson, First Lieutenant. 
          Edward A. Fiske, Second Lieutenant.

     Company C.
          Samuel D. Shipley, Captain.
          William F. Love ring, First Lieutenant.
          Richard A. Elliott, Second Lieutenant.

     Company D.
          Marsh A. Ferris, Captain.
          Henry P. Fox, First Lieutenant.
          N. K. Reed, Second Lieutenant. 

     Company E.
          Robert B. Brown, Captain.
          John Kinnear, First Lieutenant.
          William H. Gardner, Second Lieutenant.

     Company F.
          Timothy A. Crowley, Captain. 
          Brent Johnston, First Lieutenant. 
          Henry A. Fuller, Second Lieutenant.

     Company G.
          Daniel S. Yeaton, Captain.
          Francis H. Whittier, First Lieutenant.
          Frederick M. Norcross, Second Lieutenant.

     Company H.
          John A. Nelson, Captain.
          Henry FinnegaB, First Lieutenant.
          William B. Emerson, Second Lieutenant.

     Company I.
          Eugene Kelty, Captain.
          George Barker, First Lieutenant.
          James W. Claiborne, Second Lieutenant.

     Company K.
          Jeremiah R. Cook, Captain.
          William H. Seamans, First Lieutenant.
          Joseph P. Robinson, Second Lieutenant.

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