Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12, 1861.

Went up to camp and reported for duty.  I am acting Quartermaster Sergeant of the regiment; sooner or later I shall be transferred to the regiment by an order.  The different companies are being equipped very rapidly.  I am kept busy issuing clothing, etc.  Drills, guard mounting, etc., are kept up every day.  General Butler reviewed and inspected us the other day; he told one old fellow to go to the barber and have his hair and beard colored, as they were very gray.  The 9th Connecticut Regiment are in camp with us, a hard set of men; they run guard, go down town and get drink; so do some of our boys.  It is a bye-word around camp, "Connecticut over the fence;" it is frequently heard from the guard stationed around the camp, on a line with the tight, high board fence.  My friends at the Mechanics Mills, A. L. Brooks, C. H. Latham and others, have presented me with and officer's sword.  I formerly worked for A. L. Brooks, lumber dealer.

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