Saturday, December 17, 2011

Roster: Unassigned Recruits

The following is a list of all soldiers who are shown as unassigned recruits of the 30th Massachusetts (1861-1865).  These names have all been taken a list I have compiled using names from the books Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Civil War and Record of the Massachusetts volunteers 1861-1865, both of which are available to view at  This list is a bit more difficult to compile than the previous lists that I have posted for each individual company.  The the different company rosters I compared two lists to each other and was able to determine just about all of the men with various spellings of names, yet from the rest of the information I could sometime tell that two different names were actually the same man.  With this list I now have to compare to all ten of the company lists...while keeping in mind that some of these men my actually have popped up on a list already.  Because of these variables, there might never actually be a definitive list of EVERY man to actually serve with the 30th.

This list is currently a work in progress.  It will take longer to complete since I have to crosscheck these names very carefully to avoid duplicating men who have already been listed!

So far the pattern that is developing with these men is that most (but not all) seem to have been enlisted and mustered and then have no further record.  I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to what this means for each individual.  There are some that are listed as killed in battle though, so not all of these men just disappear.

Alandt (Arlandt), William     Priv.
Becker (Beeker), Charles     Priv.
Berner, Henry     Priv.
Berry, William     Priv.
Blachman, William     Priv.
Blockhaus, Louis     Priv.
Brachthuizer, Joseph     Priv.
Brunett, Emanuel     Priv.
Burke, Michael     Priv.

more to come...

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