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Roster: Company K

The following is a list of all soldiers listed as serving in Company K of the 30th Massachusetts (1861-1865).  These names have all been taken a list I have compiled using names from the books Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Civil War and Record of the Massachusetts volunteers 1861-1865, both of which are available to view at

I have more information on all of these names and will share it upon request.

Abbot, James W.      Priv.
Adams, Dudley G.     Sergt.
Allen, George W.     Priv.
Allen, Patrick     Priv.
Anderegg (Andregg), Frederick     Priv.
Anderson, Alfred     Priv.--Corpl.
Andrews, James     Priv.
Andrews, Monsieur M.     Priv.
Aydt, Pius     Priv.
Bailey, Edwin     Priv.
Bailey, Levi T. (F.)     Priv.--Corpl.--Sergt.
Bailey, Lewis     Priv.
Ballion, Fidele     Priv.
Beaudoux, Victor     Priv.
Benhardt, Daniel     Priv.
Benhardt, Nicholas     Priv.
Berry, George     Priv.
Bernard, Nicholas     Priv.
Blatchford, Henry     Priv.
Blatchford, James     Priv.
Bode, Henry     Priv.
Bonot, Joseph     Priv.
Boudrainghien (Boudringhien), Jean F. H.     Priv.
Brewton, George A.     Priv.
Brocklebank, Charles P.     Priv.
Broderick, Theodore     Priv.--Corpl.--Sergt.
Broomfield, William     Priv.
Burgess, Thomas J.     Priv.
Burke, Henry     Priv.--Music
Cain, John     Priv.
Card, Francis     Priv.
Carley (Casley), Horace S.     Priv.
Carter, John     Priv.
Clapp, Walter H.     Drummer.
Clark, William P. 3rd     Priv.
Claus, Felix     Priv.
Coburn, George S.     Priv.
Coley, Lola     Priv.
Cook, Jeremiah R.     Captain.
Cook, William H.     Corpl.
Copeland, John R.     Priv.
Corning, Benjamin     Priv.
Crosby, John     Priv.
Crusa, Charles     Priv.
Curtis, Benjamin L.     Priv.
Day, William W.     Priv.
Dean (Desire), Desire (Dean)     Priv.--Corpl.
De Ceen (Deceen), August     Priv.--Corpl.--Sergt.
Demartean (Demarteau), Jean     Priv.
Demeester (Demeaster), Francis     Priv.
Devoe, Phillip     Priv.
D'Ornellas (DeOrnellas), Juvenal     Priv.
Dilling, John     Priv.
Downs, Solomon F.     Priv.
Duvivier (Duvevier), Ferdinand     Priv.
Finet (Finett), Desire     Priv.
Frank, Nicholas     Priv.
Franken, William     Priv.
Fridlie (Fredlie), John     Priv.
Friend, Samuel T.     Sergt.
Friend, Solomon A.     Priv.--Corpl.
Frost, George     Sergt.
Fushedde, John     Priv.
Gallagher, Michael     Priv.
Gill, Martin     Priv.
Godicke (Godeke), Conrad     Priv.
Grills (Grilis), François     Priv.
Griswold, Norman W.     Priv.
Güse (Groze), Frederick     Priv.
Hansen (Hanson), Frederick     Priv.
Heins, Herman     Priv.
Herrick, Alphonso M.     Priv.
Hindlerman, Henrick     Priv.
Hodgkins, Joseph     Music.
Hodgkins, Joseph E.     Priv.
Holley (Holly), Edward H.     Priv.--Corpl.
Horton, Charles E.     Priv.--Corpl.
Hutchins (Hutchings), George W.     Priv.
Jackers, August     Priv.
Jannsens (Jansens), John B.     Priv.
Jeffery, John     Corpl.
Jeffery, Robert     Priv.--Corpl.
Jeonard, John B.     Priv.
John, Charles     Priv.--Sergt.
Johnson, Frederick     Priv.
Keagan, Patrick     Priv.
Kendall, Jabez W.     Priv.
Kenny, James     Priv.
King, Duncn     Priv.
Klee, Edward     Priv.
Knochelman, Gottlieb     Priv.
Know, Charles (Carl) M.     Priv.
Lufkin, David Jr.     Priv.
Lufkin, William     Priv.
McCarty, William     Priv.
McCormick, William     Priv.
McIntire, Slyvester     Priv.
McKenney (McKenny), Henry F.     Priv.--Corpl.
McKenney (McKenny), Ozias S.     Priv.
McLean, Daniel     Priv.
McPhee, Archabild     Priv.
Marshall, Francis A.     Priv.
Melaert, Charles     Priv.
Merchant, Edwin     Priv.
Meyer, George     Priv.
Meyer, Nicholas M. D.     Priv.
Miseroy, William     Priv.--Corpl.
Moore, Louis (Lewis)     Priv.
Morrisey, James     Priv.
Nelson, Martin     Priv.
Norwood, John B.     Priv.--Corpl.
Oakes, John L. W.     Priv.
Oldenburg, Henry     Priv.
Oxton, George A.     Priv.
Panchaux (Pranchaux), Desire     Priv.
Parsons, Albert E.     Priv.
Parsons, William H.     Priv.
Parsons, Winthrop L.     Priv.
Pelling, John     Priv.
Plaetsier, Jules     Priv.
Prince, Joseph B. Jr.     Actg. 1st Lieut.--Co. E.--1st Lieut.--Co. K.--Captain.--Co. A.
Prior, Eugene     Priv.--Corpl.--Sergt.--1st Sergt.--2d Lieut.--Co. ?
Reagan, Michael     Priv.
Reed, Henry C.     Priv.
Reimers (Reimens), Claus     Priv.
Richters, John     Priv.
Robinson, Joseph P.     2d Lieut.
Rogers, Thomas     Priv.
Rogers, William H.     Priv.--Actg. Color Corpl.
Ross, George     Priv.
Ross, George H.     Corpl.
Rowe, Solomon     Priv.
Saunders, William E.     Priv.
Schaal, William F.     Priv.
Scheck (Sheek), Francis     Priv.
Schipmann (Schiefman), Martin (John) M.     Priv.
Schlaich (Sclaick), Edward     Priv.
Schmideberg, Julius     2d Lieut.
Schmidt, August     Priv.
Schmidt, Henry     Priv.
Seamans, William H.     1st Lieut.
Siders, James F.     Sergt.
Smith, Benjamin F.     Priv.
Southack, Robert G.     Sergt.--1st Sergt.--Sergt. Major.
Spear, George G.     Captain.--Transferred from Staff & Co. E.
Sperry, Charles A.     1st Lieut.--Transferred from Staff & Co. D.
Stacy, Augustus M.     Priv.--Corpl.
Staples, Pierre J.     Priv.
Staunton, Franklin     Priv.
Strupf, John B.     Priv.--Corpl.
Surrells, William     Priv.
Tarr, John J.     Priv.
Tarr, Lyman R.     Priv.
Tenney, Joseph F.     1st Lieut.
Tremaine, Alfred F.     2d Lieut.--Captain.--Brevet Major U.S. Vols.
Trumper, Henry     Priv.
Tucker, John Jr.     Priv.
Ulrich (Ulrick), Theodore     Priv.
Vaile, Edward E.     1st Lieut.--Transferred from Staff & Co. D.
Vanderstock, Joseph     Priv.
Vandrogenbruck, Pierre     Priv.
Van Vloeckhoven (Von Volkhoven), Joseph     Priv.
Valdmann (Waldeman), George     Priv.--Corpl.
Walker, Benjamin F.     Corpl.
Wallace, William H.     Priv.--Corpl.
Wattier, François     Priv.--Corpl.
Wauters (Waters), Joseph     Priv.--Corpl.
Weitzel, Joseph     Priv.
Whalen, Martin     Priv.
Wheeler, Addison     Priv.--Sergt.
Wheeler, Charles H.     Priv.
Wheeler, Frank     Priv.
Williams, John     Priv.
Winkelmann, Henry     Priv.
Wise, John B.     Priv.--Corpl.
Wolf, Christian     Priv.

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