Sunday, November 6, 2011

Roster: Company C

The following is a list of all soldiers listed as serving in Company C of the 30th Massachusetts (1861-1865).  These names have all been taken a list I have compiled using names from the books Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Civil War and Record of the Massachusetts volunteers 1861-1865, both of which are available to view at

I have more information on all of these names and will share it upon request.

Alley, Benjamin M.     Priv.
Ansart, Benjamin F.     Priv
Austin, George W.    Priv.
Baldwin, Clark G.     Priv
Barnard, David B.     Priv.--Corpl.
Batchelder, George H.     Priv.
Blodgett, John F.     Priv.--Corpl.
Bran, Seth     Priv.
Brooks, Henry C.    Priv.--Sergt.
Brown, George     Priv.
Bryant, James H.     Priv.
Burbank, Sewall D.     Priv.
Burnham, Joseph H.  Priv.--1st Sergt.--Sergt. Major.--1st Lieut.--1st enlistment in Co. D.
Burr, Joseph C.     Priv.
Butler, Freeman H.     Priv.
Butterfield, Brooks     Priv.
Butterfield, Peter     Priv.
Campbell, Peter     Priv.
Carney, John     Priv.
Ceaoelleon (Ceavelleon), Maximillan G. J.     Priv.--discharged as Joseph Cellis
Chamberlin, Charles C.     Priv.
Clark, Franklin A.    Priv.
Clark, John W.     Priv.--Sergt.
Clay, Daniel     Priv.
Cnalpkins, Pierre     Priv.
Cobb, William S.     Priv.
Coburn, James E.     Priv.--1st Sergt.
Conant, Henry A.     Priv.
Conant, John H.     Priv.
Cox, John     Priv.
Crain, John     Priv.
Crosby, Frederick A.     Corpl.
Cummings, Andrew J.     Priv.
Cummings, John A.     Priv.
Cummings, Reuben W.     Priv.
Dale, Robert     Priv.
Davis, Gustavus J.     Priv.
Davis, Lowell     Priv.
Day, James F.     Music
Deering, Eugene M.     Priv.--Corpl.
Degrava, Antoine     Priv.
Degrave, Albert     Priv.
Demerritt, Daniel     Priv.
Devettere, Edward     Priv.
Dodge, Isaac N.     Priv.--Corpl.
Dunnigan, Stephen     Priv.--Corpl.
Eastman, Daniel E (C).     Priv.
Elliott, Richard A.     2d Lieut.
Emerson, Burt     Priv.
Emerson, Henry H.     Priv.
England, Thomas     Priv.--1st Sergt.
Farnsworth, David W.     Priv.
Finoelst, Clemens     Priv.
Finoels, Isidore     Priv.
Foster, Benjamin F.     Music
Foster, John D.     Priv.--Sergt.--1st Sergt.--1st Lieut.--Co. I.
Garrand, Charles     Priv.
Gentele (Gentill), William     Priv.--Corpl.--Sergt.
Gilson, Albert A.     Priv.
Gilson, Wilson (Warren) W.     Priv.--Corpl.
Goldsmith, Albert     Priv.--Corpl.
Golier, John     Priv.
Gordon, Edmund     Asst. Cook.
Gould, Isaac B.     Priv.
Green, John P.     Priv.
Greenleaf, Ruel W.     Corpl.
Hamblet, Benjamin S.     Priv.
Hand, George J.     Priv.
Hanson, Thomas L.     Priv.
Hanwaert (Hanwart), Joseph     Priv.
Harper, Thomas D.     Priv.
Hatch, Frank T.     Corpl.--Com. Sergt.
Haywood, James E.     Priv.
Heald, Joel M.     Priv.
Heath, Martin V. B.     Priv.
Ives, John     Priv.--Wag'r.
Jaquith, James     Priv.--Corpl.
Johnson, Joseph     Priv.
Kane, Dennis H.     Priv.--Music.
Keating, Daniel     Priv.--Co. F.
Keyes, Edward     Priv.
Keyes, Marcus W.     Priv.--Corpl.
Kuhlmann, John     Priv.
Lane, Stephen H.     Priv.--Corpl.
Leeman, Horatio N.     Priv.
Lord, Humphrey     Priv.
Lovrien, William F.     1st Lieut.
McCabe, Alexander     Priv.
McCabe, Barney     Priv.
McCutcheon, William     Priv.
McGregor, Francis     Priv.--Sergt.
McNulty, Thomas     Priv.
McQuiad, John     Priv.
Marshall, Luther H.     Priv.--Sergt.
Mazzanovich (Moyennick), Lorenz     Priv.
Minor, Charles     Priv.
Morrison, James L.     Priv.
Mullen, Charles     Priv.
Mullen, John     Priv.
Mulloy, John     Priv.
Munsey, Alfred T.     Priv.
Murray, Charles     Priv.
Nimblet, George D.     Priv.
Nowell, John     Priv.
Oxley, Daniel     Priv.
Parker, David     Priv.
Parmelle (Parmelee), Alfred S.     Priv.--Corpl.
Peabody, Hiram     Priv.
Perkins, Edward G.     Priv.
Pierce, John     Priv.
Plympton, Samuel     Priv.--Co. E.
Poree, Ferdinand C.     2d Lieut.--Transferred from Co. H.
Ramsay (Ramsey), Nehemiah S.     Priv.
Reed, George E.     Priv.
Reed, Merrick     Priv.
Reed, Nathaniel K.     Captain.--Brevet Major U.S.V.--Transferred from Co. D.
Richardson, Charles D (B).     Priv.--Qr. Master Sergt.
Richardson, Henry E.     Priv.--Sergt.
Ricker, Aaron D.     Priv.
Roberts, William     Priv.--Corpl.
Robinson, Jesse L.     Priv.
Rockwood, William B.    Priv.
Romeo, Louis     Priv.
Saunders, Edward T. (F.)     Priv.
Savage, Leonard C.     Priv.
Schuh (Schlus), Frederick     Priv.
Schultze, Carl     Priv.
Shipley, Samuel D.     Captain.--Major.--Lieut. Colonel.
Smith, George R.     Priv.
Smith, Henry L.     Priv.
Smith, Jacob R.     Priv.
Smith, Sylvester C.     Priv.
Smith, William B.     Priv.
Snell, John H.     Priv.
Steinbruck, Carl     Priv.
Stinson, Charles B.     Priv.--Sergt.
Sullivan, William     Priv.--Co. E.
Sutherland, George     Priv.
Thayer, Richard F.     Priv.
Tohey, Martin     Priv.
Tohey, Thomas     Priv.
Tuttle, Thomas B.     Priv.
Tyler, Hiram M.     Priv.
Upham, Andrew C.     Priv.
Varroven, Fidell     Priv.
Vonlandenyk (Vonlonduyke), Leopold     Priv.
Walters, Charles (Carl)     Priv.--Corpl.
Waterman, Dexter W.     Priv.
Wattiez (Wattliez), Louis     Priv.
Wentworth, Nelson R.     Priv.--Prin. Musician.
West, James E.     Priv.
Wiley, James A.     Priv.
Withington, William G.     Priv.--Corpl.--Sergt.--1st Sergt.--2d Lieut.
Wood, Harry A.     Priv.
Young, David     Priv.


  1. I like the blog, so far, although I am still trying to figure out how to navigate it efficiently. Have you been able to find orderly books? Am I just not finding them? Anyway, keep at it! All units would benefit from such efforts, and maybe there will be more of these with the 150th anniversary.

  2. I'm still trying to work on a format that will make it look more appealing, and also easier to sort through. May take a little while to sort it all out though.

    Most of the best orderly books etc... for the unit are in Massachusetts. I need to work out a deal where I can go and digitize hundreds of pages and then sort through them and clean them up a bit. Could be a couple of years before all of that can happen.